• Australian Shepherds

    Thank you for looking at our Aussies, Susan & Jerry Forrester

We adopted our first Aussie in 1985. He was a blue merle we named Shep. We lost him when he was 8 months old. We were heart-broken and mourned him for a long time. Now all of my dogs are micro-chipped and I learned my lesson never to allow the dog to be free in a strange area. He had never left our side before, but that day he jumped out of the car as soon as the door was opened , saw another dog and followed her and was never found.

Since Shep, we have had Shep number 2 and now my daughter, Penny, has Shep number 3. We acquired Ima Cool Bow Ribbon in 2008 . At that time, we hadn’t thought about breeding her. Ginger is her daughter. I saw a puppy online and had decided I wanted him. The owner of that puppy sent me a picture of her new litter and I fell in Love with DJR’s Blue Buttons and bought him the day he was born. We acquired DJR’s Sassy Redhead when she was a year old. She was very timid and Jerry would go to her pen and lie down with her for hours. It took several weeks before I could walk by without her growling at me. She is now a loving companion after a few weeks of tender loving care. Now she runs our 40 acres and has a whole new lease on life. We love her and she is such a pretty girl. She has gorgeous puppies. We were looking at puppies on Puppyfind one day and saw Major and it was love at first sight.

Our puppies will have shots and worming up-to-date at the time of adoption. They have a nice outdoor pen and a climate controlled dog home. We provide lots of attention and toys for them. They are handled several times a day and love to be picked up. We use a potty patch to assist in housebreaking. By the time they go to their new families they are virtually housebroken unless they have no other choice than to go on the floor. By providing a potty patch or frequent trips outdoors your job is made very easy.

I accept PayPal, US Postal money orders, cash, and personal checks. At this time, all checks or payments must clear before the puppy can be picked up or you can send a United States Postal Money Order which you can purchase at any Post Office. A U.S. Postal Money Order is accepted the same day it is received. A non-refundable payment of $200.00 will hold your puppy until final payment in full is made before delivery. All personal checks or PayPal payments must clear before delivery will be made. Puppy Deposit – $200.00